Welcome to our family company VitaSmart!

VitaSmart is a purely Czech brand for diet supplements produced in the Czech Republic. VitaSmart is not just a brand product, it is part of a healthy lifestyle. The main driving engine for the emergence of new and unique diet supplements was Kristýna’s pregnancy and active lifestyle. Back in 2015, after long preparations, extensive product research and slight hesitation along the way - VitaSmart finally entered the market.

Kristyna and Tomas are among those who feel the need to create values and want to see results in return. Therefore, they decided to launch their own project at a time, place, and space that allowed them to devote themselves fully to work and not neglect themselves or their loved ones in the process. They yearned for a product with great potential to deliver on quality and uniqueness so that it would have all parameters that would not abandon or fail them, even when they were looking forward to the birth of their son.

“During my pregnancy, I felt my body and my mind ‘getting to work’. The increased demands on nutrition led me to study a healthy lifestyle, change my diet and try to strengthen my immunity. As I was searching, I no longer liked that if I wanted to add vitamins and minerals, I had to invest a lot of money to get my ‘cocktail from pills’. I would take a handful of five or more tablets several times a day and, moreover, many food supplements are imported into the Czech Republic from Asian countries, repackaged and branded as a Czech product. The customer will not know about it without further investigation,” adds Kristyna.


our philosophy is simple. Life in harmony. Finding the right balance between work, family, rest, and proper nutrition is not easy.

"We had a clear criteria that we strictly followed when deciding to; produce exclusively from natural raw materials and keep watch over their quality throughout the production process. As well as knowing the environment in which they are produced, through consultation with the experts and reading the clinical studies - it was right way."


combines more active ingredients into one product and therefore covers a wide range of “health and aesthetic problems”. It aims to save you money and ultimately make you more comfortable with consuming supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Health and beauty comes from within and VitaSmart takes care of your health.

VitaSmart offers top quality diet supplements that cater for your individual lifestyle needs as the products are gluten-free, sugar-free and suitable for vegetarians!


Trust VitaSmart. We don't consider you a customer but a friend and we only want the best for all of our friends.

We know that it is not always 100% possible to achieve a varied and well-balanced diet. VitaSmart wish to provide you with support and guide you at every turn.